Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Mercy Seat

After careful consideration, the first short story that I am going to publish will be "The Mercy Seat." It will be released on July 22nd, 2013.  So be sure to mark your calendars, because for the first two weeks the story will be available for free, then after the two weeks are up it will be available for $0.99.

I will be sure to post links to the story on Amazon, iBooks, B&N, and the rest of the e-reader websites as soon as the story is released.

Heres a little story synopsis:

Open three small boxes.  That's all Dwight Clanton needs to do in order to find salvation.  Open them, and he will learn why he finds himself chained to a chair, sitting across from his captor.  Can Dwight Clanton survive The Mercy Seat, or will he find himself in a darker nightmare?

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