Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Terminated: A Novel Four Parts

So one of the things that I've always loved about Charles Dickens was that all of his novels were originally serialized in magazines.  One of the great potentials of epublishing, I believe, is that it allows for the Serialized novel to make a comeback.

So here I'm announcing my first attempt at a serialized novel:  Terminated: A Novel in Four Parts.  I will be releasing the first part of the novel for free while the other three parts will be released for $0.99 each.  And then after releasing all four parts, I will collect them for $1.99.

Be on the look out for: 

Terminated Part One:  The Fall of Jimbo, or How To Succeed In Business Without Really Dying
Terminated Part Two:  Never Get Off The Elevator, or Dew the Right Thing
Terminated Part Three:  Jimbo & The Forest of Dead Trees, or Time For a Rap Battle
Terminated Part Four:  Princes of the Universe, or Kneel Before Carrot

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