Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Story Release

I released a new story today.

Falling On The Sword:  A Gabriel Carter Story

After a seemingly open and shut case involving a domestic violence scene gone wrong becomes political and personal, Philadelphia Homicide Detectives Gabriel Carter and Susan Locke must question their loyalties and ethics in order to make sure justice is served. 

This is the next story in the saga of Detective Gabriel Carter.  The first was called Hard Times.  These two stories and a few future stories will lay the ground work for the first Gabriel Carter novel Dead Man's Hand.

You can find the story on Smashwords and Scribd.
The story will be available for Free.  I'm playing around with how long I am going to be keeping stories available for free in order to get more readers and fans like you.  So tell your friends or anyone you know that likes reading.  And if you like this story or any of my stories please leave a review on the site that you downloads the story from and Goodreads.

In other news: the next batch of stories might come out a bit slower than the first batch because I am working a job that will have me working 16 hour days six days a week.  While I will try to do as much writing as I can, I want to be able to continue delivering you all high quality material, so I will only release a story if I am satisfied with the work. 

Thanks for all your support.



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