Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Novella Release

Reese Parker, a former Philadelphia Homicide Detective turned Private Investigator, is hired by a mysterious man to find a young woman as a serial killer has been leaving bloodless bodies around the city. This case takes him on a dark path through the city introducing him to predators lurking in the shadows that may have been responsible for his sister's disappearance seven years ago.

This novella serves as the start of a new novel series called Lurking In The Shadows that will deal with a ragtag unit of desperate people that may very well be humanity's last hope against the forces of evil.

I am so happy to be delivering horror for the first time to you guys.  You can download the book for free on Smashwords and scribd until September 3rd.  So check it out and be sure to write a review for it on the website that you downloaded it off of.



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