Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Story Release

I released a new story today.

Falling On The Sword:  A Gabriel Carter Story

After a seemingly open and shut case involving a domestic violence scene gone wrong becomes political and personal, Philadelphia Homicide Detectives Gabriel Carter and Susan Locke must question their loyalties and ethics in order to make sure justice is served. 

This is the next story in the saga of Detective Gabriel Carter.  The first was called Hard Times.  These two stories and a few future stories will lay the ground work for the first Gabriel Carter novel Dead Man's Hand.

You can find the story on Smashwords and Scribd.
The story will be available for Free.  I'm playing around with how long I am going to be keeping stories available for free in order to get more readers and fans like you.  So tell your friends or anyone you know that likes reading.  And if you like this story or any of my stories please leave a review on the site that you downloads the story from and Goodreads.

In other news: the next batch of stories might come out a bit slower than the first batch because I am working a job that will have me working 16 hour days six days a week.  While I will try to do as much writing as I can, I want to be able to continue delivering you all high quality material, so I will only release a story if I am satisfied with the work. 

Thanks for all your support.



Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The word legendary gets thrown around way too often these day, but today we lost a true legend of American Crime Fiction.  Though some might not know the name Elmore Leonard, I know everyone is aware of his work from the massively successful television series Justified (based on his short story Fire in the Hole), or the films 3:10 to Yuma, Jackie Brown (based on the novel Rum Punch), Out of Sight, Get Shorty, and my personal favorites Mr Majestyk and Valdez is Coming.  I never got to meet Elmore Leonard, but I can say that as a fan he might have influenced my writing more than any other person.  His simple stripped down prose painted the picture of sad, desperate people in extraordinary situation, but what made him special was that he never took the situation too seriously, always knowing the right place for a joke.  And while his novels are often hilarious, the humor never undercut the stakes.

It is a sad day.  But I know he lives on in his work.  I know I'm going to be rereading my favorite Leonard novels as I do every year.

Goodbye Elmore, I wish I got to meet you to thank you for your stories and characters, you've brought me laughs and thrills and joy.



New Novella Release

Reese Parker, a former Philadelphia Homicide Detective turned Private Investigator, is hired by a mysterious man to find a young woman as a serial killer has been leaving bloodless bodies around the city. This case takes him on a dark path through the city introducing him to predators lurking in the shadows that may have been responsible for his sister's disappearance seven years ago.

This novella serves as the start of a new novel series called Lurking In The Shadows that will deal with a ragtag unit of desperate people that may very well be humanity's last hope against the forces of evil.

I am so happy to be delivering horror for the first time to you guys.  You can download the book for free on Smashwords and scribd until September 3rd.  So check it out and be sure to write a review for it on the website that you downloaded it off of.



Amazon Author's Page

So I now have an Amazon Author's Page.  I have to admit that it's pretty cool, well cool for me, it pretty much looks like every other Author's page on Amazon.  You can find it at amazon.com/author/alexjankrom.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Proud Americans release

I have released a new short story called Proud Americans.  It will be available for free on smashwords and scribd until August 26th.  So please check it out.

The story of two brothers. One who went to war, and the other who stayed home. Chris Reinhart spent his childhood protecting his little brother from bullies, but when Brian joins the Marines, Chris learns that he has to let his brother go and find himself, even if that means letting him go to war. Sacrifice isn't just paid by the soldiers on the battlefield. 

Also just a reminder that this is the last week that And All That Could have been will be available for free.  You have until August 19th to get it for free so don't delay.

And as always The Mercy Seat and Hard Times are available where all ebooks are sold for the low, low price of $0.99.



Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Cover Art

So here is the cover art for Proud Americans, which is currently scheduled for an August 12th release.

Short Story Release

A new short story by yours truly.

And All That Could Have Been

"How'd you get to be so lucky Ernest White?"

To observers Ernest White had the perfect life.  He teaches at the local high school.  He coaches the basketball team.  He has a beautiful wife and two amazing kids.

If only they knew that perfect life was built on one horrible sin he committed when he was just a kid.  Can Ernest survive when his sin comes back to haunt him?

You can currently find And All That Could Have Been on Smashwords and Scribd.  It will be up on Kobo shortly.  The story will be free from now until August 20th.  So check it out and write a review if that's your thing.